Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vroom - Movie Releasing - 14th May, 2010

Story of Smarty - a naughty car with a mind of its own!

A scientist is working on a secret chip which an evil goon, Mr X wishes to acquire. He sends his henchmen to steal the chip, but the scientist manages to escape with it and puts it in a car. It is this car that then gets a mind of its own and starts playing tricks on his new owner and the people around him. What follows is a series of events accompanied by hilarious moments that make Smarty the star attraction.


Rahul - Gaurav Bajaj
Mrs.Dadabhoy - Daisy Irani
Mr. Ramanujan - Paintal
Girgit - Naveen Prabhakar
Diana - Delna Mody
Pooja - Nina Sarkar
Vicky - Raj Singh Arora

The rollercoaster ride with Smarty will begin from 14th May, 2010 in all leading theatres

Scientist Ramanujan works on a secret chip which when inserted in any inanimate object can get life onto it. Mr.X is the villain who knows that Ramanujan is working on the chip and wants to steal it from him so that he can use it for evil purposes. He sends his allies, Girgit and Diana to Ramanujan’s lab to steal the chip from him. Ramanujan escapes and runs out of his lab; its late in the night so in the dark, he just scampers to the nearby second hand car holding area and hides his chip in one of the cars parked in the area. As he is cornered by Girgit and Diana, Ramanujan jumps into a drain and he is untraceable. Mr.X is angry with Girgit and Diana, and sends them back to the car park area to find the chip; but by the time they reach the place, the cars have been sent to their respective showrooms for display.

Rahul our hero is a 17 year old boy has a special interest and passion for automobiles and thinks any vehicle if treated with care and with sufficient love will work really well. As can be seen, he is travelling in a taxi and the taxi breaks down. The taxi driver starts abusing the car and calls it a piece of junk, but Rahul sits behind the wheels and gets it going.

Rahul is visiting his brother and sister-in-law who is pregnant and is excited about on the thoughts of becoming a chacha.

He is particularly attracted by Mrs. Dadabhoy’s 1967 Morris car which breaks down all the time. Mrs. Dadabhoy lives in the neighbouring locality. While repairing Mrs. Dadabhoy’s car, he sees Pooja who is jogging nearby and is mesmerised by her beauty.

Rahul’s elder brother Prakash wants to buy a new car and go to the nearby car showroom to test drive a car. The car they test drive is the car that has the chip inside and so it has a mind of his own. Through the sudden brakes and jerks the car gives, everyone just feels that the problem is with Prakash’s driving and there is nothing wrong with the car. Since there are no fresh stocks and Prakash cannot wait for the stocks to arrive as his wife is due any moment, the showroom manager asks them to take this car home till new stocks arrive. And thus, Smarty enters our hero Rahul’s life.

From here, starts the adventures of Smarty and Rahul. Rahul realises that Smarty is a special car and has a mind of its own and loves it immensely. Smarty also loves his new family and is especially fond of Rahul. From putting Rahul’s enemies in college in place to helping Rahul propose Pooja to saving itself from Girgit and Diana to taking Bhabhi to the hospital for a safe delivery, its all there with Smarty and Rahul!