Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Dark Side Art - David Ho

David G. Ho
is a Chinese-American artist. Ho was born in New Jersey. Ho works as a freelancer illustrator and designer. Ho has created numerous digital art. In discussion of his work, he has said that digital technology is "a playpen where inhibitions, imagination, madness, fears and angers run wild in a frolicking orgy of psychobliss.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baked Apple & her Musing's

In an Overwhelming Conversation with GAURAV KAPOOR, Baked Apple talk's & shares delightful wonders of her Dreamy aims and aspirations, stringed to her grounded feet,spiritually, yet a soulful soul, that remorse the tremors of Human ego, sinful desperate craving's & - a sad plight with so much bad happening around us!  
It’s Apple season everywhere.almost every time! No-No, don't get me wrong,This ain't no Culinary Section & I am not sharing in a Baked Apple Recipe with you guys!

The name is Miss Baked Apple
(self given name by the artist herself) - No I am not Baked, Interesting story behind her self tagged name is that; she relates to Apple itself, for She belongs from the Beautiful Valley of Kashmir, famous for it's Apple, like many other things.

It's so much to write and talk about and bring forth, but I shall continue with my Art, only but the Art for the moment. So here it goes'

. She believes "Baked" is lite n healthy because its not fried. Fruit  Apple has many health benefits, likewise she relates to it as an "artist with many talents".

Her father was a football player for J&K state, who later worked in Singapore ,Australia , & Saudi Arabia as a scientist. Mother, a house wife and Apple's best friend.

Her parents are her inspiration and her real life heroes without them she would be not who she is.

With the way a Girl/Women is looked upon in Kashmir, limited only to her house, where Art & Being Bold is considered ill.

Apple grew up in a war zone , threats n fears sound of bullets passing through her ears, lying down on the ground , running suddenly on the roads and seeing blood shed and deaths.

; As an Artist has been pretty popular in Art Circuit in Mumbai and Delhi, being featured in Magazines like Grazia and Hi living , And -percent . She  was featured as 10 achiever women by Canvera , among Koel Puri ,Gauri Nainka, Malvika Tiwari and others, Apple being the youngest of them all.

She was also honorably  featured in M.r Anand Seth's Calendar' (Country Ace) Fashion Photographer ,for being the most unique kitsch artist.

; its a new age Sufi poetry basically a story telling - an intense love story of apple for her valley and its people. As a poet, Apple musician artists call her new age Bob Dylan because of her bold heart hitting words.(Mera Vatan)

She has recently recorded her second story (Khuda) will A.R Rehman's guitarist
(Khuda)TRIBAL CHIC; it is a series of 12 pieces of work which took apple 3 & half yrs of pure dedication to paint these 3/4 size canvas boards. She has painted this series with the intention of donating the entire money to widows & orphans of her valley being blunt she says "I have no money to help or rather black money if u pardon my honesty...i have art so i make money for my sisters and their kids, who are in need of some love healing and miracle".

HAPPY TRAIN; I was asked by the authority of Sangar Mall to put soft toys for kids .Certainly it did not suit my sensibilities I put my proposal of "Happy Train" for kids ahead. It was an installation fountain with 200 light's and over 250 toys all musical. It's apples own innovation of style and design, a common man of Sangar Mall is the local shopkeepers who buy stuff from Chandni Chowk,Delhi,India and Apple says her taste is sushi since they could not raise themselves to her sensibilities, they broke down her happy train out of huge male ego, because they prefer their 
obtuse crass.

Absorbed in thought; meditative reflection's, pondering in contemplation, wonderingly dreaming; ruminating upon, hoping! Love - Apple

Here's the End! & a Starting!...A New Start! A Fresh One!

By the time I finished up writing/editing, I was actually humming on to "Dead Man Walking'/Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Eddie Vedder - Face of Love Lyrics..."jeena kaisa pyar bina [what is life without love?] Is duniya mein aaye ho to [now that you have come to this world] Ek duje se pyar karo [love each other, one another]...Look in the eyes of the face of love, look in her eyes - oh, there is peace, no, nothing dies, within pure light, only one hour of this pure love to last a life of thirty years. Only one hour so come and go!" - GK

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jay-Z Has Problems

He's married to Beyonce, dressed by Tom Ford, collaborating with Kanye West, and he danced with Marina Abramović. Plus he's a phenomenally rich rap mogul. But Jay-Z has problems — 99, to be exact. Some of them — drawn in pitch-perfect detail by illustrator Ali Graham on his hilarious new Tumblr — come from Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail album, while others are arbitrarily made up. Ali is currently halfway through the list, although how he'll top these, we don't know...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Where great ideas come to roar

The campaigns that changed the advertising industry forever

A celebration of “the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes” who have never stopped redefining the business of creative communications, this book marks the 60th birthday of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. From Volkswagen’s “Think Small” to the “Nike Fuelband” to Levi’s “Laundrette” and Burger King’s “Subservient Chicken,” this book looks at the history behind some 150 pieces of work to ask how and why those who “Just Do It” did it.

Edited by Cannes Lions with Peter Russell and Senta Slingerland, with an introduction by Arianna Huffington and eyewitness accounts from the likes of Paula Green, Jeff Goodby, David Bailey, Lee Clow, Aaron Koblin, David Droga, Sir John Hegarty, and Lord Bell, this is the first definitive history of how advertising got from there to here, and where it’s going next.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is a long-established global benchmark for excellence in creative communications. Launched in 1954, the annual festival hosts more than 12,000 delegates from the creative and media industries, as well as advertisers, technologists and entrepreneurs, for a week-long series of seminars, exhibitions, and award shows. Around 36,000 campaigns are entered into the Festival each year in different categories including film, design, PR and digital, all vying for the much-coveted Lion trophy.  
The editors:
Peter Russell studied as a lawyer before learning his craft as a writer and editor under Sir John Hegarty at BBH, David Abbott at AMVBBDO and the late Paul Arden at Saatchi & Saatchi. He lives in Brussels and works as a creative director at

Senta Slingerland is the Head of Creative & Digital at Cannes Lions. With a background in journalism and production, she runs the creative and digital strategies across the Lions Festivals group.