Friday, February 25, 2011

Hindi Play>Jungle Mein Khulne Waali Khidaki


'Jungle Mein Khulne Waali Khidaki' raises questions about the growing culture of rat racism, material comfort and hypocrisy

Written in 1981, the play rises relevant questions even today... Do we ever think about the tribal who gets displaced from his home because a brute capitalist looks at it as a profitable mining business? Have we ever bothered to worry about the man on the street that sleeps hungry every day? Is the displaced farmer in Nandigram anywhere a part of our thoughts?

What happens when a bored housewife, a filthy rich industrialist husband and a young idealist boy spend a night together?

Written by Jitendra Bhatia, 'Jungle Mein Khulne Waali Khidaki' raises questions about the growing culture of rat racism, material comfort and hypocrisy

On the surface packed with suspense, status war, sexual tension and thrill the play however is a social drama. It's a simple story of a married couple coming to their bungalow in Khandala to spend a weekend. An unexpected guest who joins them surprises them. He is initially taken with a pinch of salt, however later the husband in his zest to enjoy the weekend makes him play cards, drink scotch whiskey and makes fun of him. There is also constant physical attraction between the wife and the boy. In a lost card game when the husband wants the boy to put his cherished knife on bait, something dramatic happens...

Our theater group will perform a Hindi Play "Jungle Mein Khulne Wali Khidki". Directed by Mr.Lalit Parimoo and Written by Mr. Jitendra Bhatia. Wishing you all the very best for this year 2011.

About the Theatre Group
NATSAMAJ is a socio-cultural organization that aims to perform low cost and socially relevant plays in different areas of the country to educate people and bring social consciousness among them. The objective is not entertainment alone, nor is it only to create extravagant productions. We are making an effort to bring awareness among masses about existing social problems. We want them to challenge injustice and exploitation and get them in action. In future, the group desires to become a self-sufficient economic unit.

About the Director
MR. LALIT PARIMOO is a professional actor, working for the last fifteen years on stage, radio and television. Born on 28th of September, 1964 he graduated from Delhi University in the year 1985 as a Political Science Graduate and since then has been active as an Actor. He has so far appeared in Forty stage plays, three hundred radio plays and fifty six Television Serials & Films. Although he has the capacity and talent to perform various kinds of characters, which he has done in the past with considerable ease and naturalness, but the main forte where he excels extraordinarily is the characters moulded in classical form. Influenced and a believer of the Method School of Acting, he is a serious and disciplined actor and is undoubtedly one of the finest talents available in the country. His work so far has been acclaimed and appreciated highly both by the audience and the media.

He also sincerely believes that the craft of 'ACTING' can help in the development of an individual's personality, if one understands and practices the art of chanellizing one's emotions. Instead of chasing the mad race for stardom, he believes that one should aspire to become a true and healthy 'actor' who plays harmoniously all the roles assigned to him on the world stage, by the supreme father who himself is the greatest actor/director as Lord Nataraja. Also because an actor has an impact on the society, particularly the youth, it is the duty of an actor to have an ideal in front of him of an evolved human being, so that he can be a source of inspiration to the masses to lead a life of values and set high moral standards.

Venue; Sathaye Auditorium (Ville Parle(E)) on 27th Feb at 7:00 p.m.

For More Details :Contact Mr. Lalit Parimoo: 91-9820094808

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Draupadi – Will my spirit live on?

“Draupadi", a play in English, interweaving tales from the epic past with contemporary Indian life.

The play draws attention to the roles of women in society throughout the ages, through an exploration of the dramatic and compelling figure of Draupadi herself.

The play is set to be both a poetic piece of drama and a truly dazzling affair. Some of India’s foremost names in the arts have joined together to create a wonderful spectacle, with Ritu Kumar designing costumes, Aman Nath conceptualizing the set design, Anjolie Ela Menon’s intense painting being the signature of the play, and Shubha Mudgal lending her wonderful voice to the production.

Draupadi - Will my spirit live on?
(a Shivani Wazir Pasrich Production)

Roy Arias Theatre, NYC.
March 16-20, 2011

To purchase tickets for Draupadi – Will my spirit live on?, please click on:

Dates & times:
March 16th – 18th at 8 pm
March 19th at 2 pm and 8 pm
March 20th at 5 pm Theatre location:
Roy Arias Theatre
300 West 43rd Street (between 8th & 9th)
NY 10036, New York

Synopsis of the play

Centuries have gone by since the Mahabharat war, yet Draupadi is still here. Stuck between heaven and earth, roaming the streets and pondering her fate and her choices.

Her only confidant is Lord Krishna. She tries to resolve with him why women must continue to suffer as she had in the past.

Krishna, the orchestrator of fate, leads her to Maaya- a woman of today, who has suffered much abuse at the hands of society. A distraught Maaya attempts suicide, but Draupadi stops her and offers her help in return for a favor.

Maaya treads through her life in Draupadi’s footsteps, and in the end she too must make a choice- will she choose revenge or resilience? Will she be Draupadi’s salvation? Will Krishna be able to address centuries old smoldering wounds?

Re-looking once again at the most misunderstood Nayika in Indian Epics… Shivani Wazir Pasrich Productions Presents "DRAUPADI"

90 min

The Indo-American Arts Council
is a 501 ©3 not-for-profit secular arts organization passionately dedicated to promoting, showcasing and building an awareness of artists of Indian origin in the performing arts, visual arts, literary arts and folk arts. For information please visit

Directed by

Shivani Wazir Pasrich has been working on the contours of the depiction of Draupadi and comprehension of her spirit. The idea of doing a play based on Panchali germinated as she produced her last stage production about Karna. Draupadi is an icon of strength, determination and achievement and this play uses the story to inspire and share experiences of courage.

Professional Odissi dancer, actress, compere, director and producer Shivani Wazir Pasrich has planned this production as a ‘Spectacle with Soul’. Shivani has acted in musicals, like ‘Annie’ and ‘West Side Story’, in plays, like ‘The Maids’, ‘The See Saw’ and ‘Kamana’ and in comedies like ‘The Dear Departed’, ‘Black Comedy’ and ‘Who Done It’ written and directed by Shah Rukh Khan. She played major roles in three of Mahesh Dattani’s plays ‘Dance Like a Man’, ‘Where There is a Will’ and ‘Bravely Fought The Queen’ and performed in ‘Larki Seedhi Rahegi’ at the NSD theatre festival in Bangalore. She also acted in films like Yash Chopra’s ‘Dil to Pagal Hai’. Shivani graduated from Delhi University in Economics Honours and then completed her Law degree. She won the Miss India Worldwide and Miss Talent title in 1992. She was part of the launch team of Lok SabhaTV. Now she is set to embark on the mega store production.

Tina Johnson has worked professionally in New York city and Johannesburg and cape town at the Market theater and the Baxter theater. She has directed such plays as; Hamlet, lysistrata, the coolie odyssey, a colored place and the award winning plays: Itsoseng and Out of Bounds - both of which won firsts at the Edinburgh Theater festival and were performed successfully in London. She has also trained actors and directors, worked as a mentor for university students at the Grahamstown national arts festival, worked as the artistic director for the playwrights festival at the market theater and the Sibikwa theater festival and served as the deputy chair of the Gauteng theater practitioners, as well as written extensively on arts policy for the performing arts.

Cast and Crew
Produced and Conceptualised by - Shivani Pasrich
Directed by - Tina Johnson & Shivani Pasrich
Costumes by - Ritu Kumar
Signature Design by - Anjolie Ela Menon
Music by - Shubha Mudgal
Set Design by Aman Nath

Shivani Pasrich as Draupadi
Charu Shankar as Maaya
Dilip Shankar as Krishna
Sanjit Bedi as Kaurav Aggarwal
Arjun Fauzdar as Arjun Aggarwal
Aniruddha Das as Arjun
Supriya Bagga Manchanda as Ammaji
Ashish Paliwal as Sukaran Bheduri

Friday, February 4, 2011


Long ago, before media hype and the i-pod application, I would be suffering from a 'bad cough'. As usual, the smelly child brought it home from school, where all the other smelly children go to spread infections by wiping snot on each others clothes.
The kid, being made up of cells tougher than an unprotected Gouda, came home with a bit of a cough and a bunged up nose. Yesterday she got a nosebleed of epic proportions that scared the teachers so much we had to go and pick her up.. anyway..

I have a cough... or is it a cough!?.... my mum has taken the liberty of declaring to the rest of the family to "stay away... they all have swine flu!", I looked on the interweb at swine flu symptoms;

loss of appetite
a cough
blocked nose
aches and pains
swollen glands
chest pain

any one or all of the above.. sounds pretty vague to me. Couldn't these signs also indicate, glandular fever, appendix, vomiting bug, m.r.s.a, e-coli, porridge poisoning, red gannet fever, tapeworm infestation, pigeon wee poisoning, wheels disease, AND A BILLION OTHER THINGS.

I feel particularly shite, for a normal cough.. but, I can still drag my arse out into the gale force winds and torrential rain to feed all the useless animals...despite having swollen glands, a tight chest, a cough, a blocked nose, extreme fatigue, pains in my kidneys, and squinty eyes.... surely if I had a terrifying thing such as SWINE FLU, I'd be unable to move from my position in bed and spontaneously die as soon as I did?....