Friday, October 5, 2007

Workshop on “Lighting Design and Choreographing Light"

National Institute of Design is pleased to announce a Workshop on “Lighting Design and Choreographing Light”, to be held from 17 – 19 October, 2007 at NID campus, Ahmedabad.

The workshop will try to improve the aesthetic and market appeal – the experience - of any interface through which a business interacts with the customers - set up, product, ad, brand, etc., real or virtual, an event, retail or otherwise, by enhancing the ambience and the overall experience using multi-sensory stimulants like lighting, sound, smells and other sensory stimulants to affect. The idea is to create experiences that surprise, emotionalise, sensualise, romanticize, intimatise, humanize, mystify…-in short delight and to help businesses develop products, spaces, services that are never before types, thus bringing them the blue ocean competitive advantage. The workshop will be taken by the experienced faculty/ ies and other distinguished design professionals.

All in all, this workshop will establish a design link between experience and consumers besides the use of design as a strategic tool for staying ahead in a fiercely competitive market scenario.

This tailor made programme is aimed at Retail Businesses, Light Engineers, Marketing Professionals, Architects, Interior Designers, Exhibitors, Landscape Designers, Facade Designers, Set /Stage /Entertainment Designers, Advertising, Retailers, Visual Merchandisers, Choreographers, Event Managers, Event Visualisers, Art Directors, Service Providers, Professionals connected with hotels, restaurants and amusement parks. We are sure that these programmes would be a source of immense value addition.

Enclosed please find the details along with the registration form. Please contact us for any further inquiries to We shall be obliged if you put this up on your notice board and also circulate among the ones interested.

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