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I Pee L - Peeling it all off & Holding the Bull by it's Horns (Fashion)

I Pee L
Peeling it all off

We all love Cricket & We all love Fashion, right!!!, but we have other better things to do as well.

Its time that we 'Peel" off /away the drawbacks, sorry stigma's if any, & loop holes, & come out with a strong professional ethics when we talk about the best of work we have to bring forward, may it be Fashion or any other thing for that matter.

Its time we all stand by & together to bring about a change, & clear all the notions, bring forward the clean n clear aspect of Fashion World.

What is your comment on the IPL getting a Fashion Week this time. How do you see it, perceive it ,happening this time for the first time, along with many other Fashion Shows happening around India, & Abroad. From Lakme, & Wills to be the first, n then Kolkatta, Bangalore, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, & many other states getting it done like Chandigarh, Kerala, and many other.

Well on the international front Miami Fashion Week, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Colombo Fashion Week, Bread & Butter and so on.

Finishing up with the Lakme Fashion Week SR 2010, & getting all ready & gearing up for the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, in March & IPLFW - IPL London Fashion Week in April 2010

Do we need more Fashion Shows, are we(Designer's ,Buyer's & Market) not sufficient enough to have maximum of 2 Seasons (A/W & S/S).

What are the risks involved, why are the sponsors backing off at the end moment, & why are we having loads of Fashion Weeks, with many of the competitors in the market in the Fashion Business or not from the Fashion Business just having know idea about of the Fashion thingi just doing the show for the heck of it.

We see laods of Blog's & bloggers pouring in with laods of Fashion Coverages & there viewpoint.

We understand that everyone need's business , & everyone needs sumthign going on to get sumthing out of it, & reach out to the masses, the world.

"Is it all about minting money that's left"

Why is it such a hype, to participate in a Fashion Show, for Emerging Designers ,despite of the money constrain, & many of the Designer's not even getting selected despite of being the recognized ones.

With loads of organizations & event Management Companies pouring in & having there Fashion Week's one after the other. With all the propaganda ,publicity & sponsorships, & Event by Invite now changed to "Invite by Pay" criteria.

We look forward for an article on the upcoming Fashion Week & Show thingi, and we are sure this would be helpful enough to focus the mainstream agenda's of the people related with the Fashion World.

We would like you to share with us how you feel about the flooded Fashion Week's the Season has for our Indian & International context.

We would be obliged ,to have your comment & feedback on the same. & look forward for your honest reply & a in depth say on the same.

Just let us know what you have to say, what & how you feel about the whole thingi. What Fashion means to you & What Fashion Week to you is all about.

To be honest, it has got nothing to do with Fashion, It's just to up the glamour quotient and get more celebrities like designers on the band wagon. Just adds brand value to IPL and honestly there's nothing wrong in it. If people lap it up - media likes it, its serving a purpose and along the way of something nice happens to the Fashion Industry -- that is the fringe benefit not the ultimate aim

- Atul Wassan (Former Indian Cricketer)

Holding the Bull by its Horn's

Remember the Anju Modi Stint with FDCI in earlier days. Here is what everyone had to speak about the same. Dated back to May 2008

In conversation/chat & email in exchange with- Anju Modi

1.Well after the FDCI Delhi & Mumbai Division, How do you see this division to help anyway or bring about a change? With 18 Veterans & 14 Rebels? With consolidation getting stronger on both sides with relatively bigger names speaking up in support of Anju-Karuna case.

I hope with all this we will achieve total transparency, whereby offering all our designers equal opportunity to participate in all the events national & International. Things were much better during Mrs. Rathi Vinay Jha’s tenure, and I suspect that she was not allowing all these unfair practices, Sumeet Nair was brought in much before she was to retire in 2009. All her powers were given to Mr. Nair. The skirmishes between the 2 are arising only because of this.

2.Rathi Vinay Jha states that there is no war between us, though this made out to be so? What you have to say about the Bipolar Division between the Director General Rathi Vinay Jha & the Executive Director Sumeet Nair?

It should definitely being about a sea change in the workings of the council. Both the secretariat and the board members. They must have realized that its not their private company to manipulate according to their wishes. The designers have definitely woken up to the fact that unless they demand for their rights they can keep waiting forever.

Rathi has really nothing to say when the board members themselves are silent spectators and are allowing all this to happen knowingly.

4.What you have to say about you accusing Sumeet Nair of creating a split between IMG and FDCI?

They must be laughing their guts out in sure. That is my very point. Most of the members are so terrorized by Sumeet Nair that they refuse to confront him, even at the cost of their business and careers.

5.What about the Press Coference held in Mumbai, What's the result, & whats in the pipeline, whats more to come as an end result? The next hearing on July 7, 2008 right?

Mumbai conference was really great, there media is very intelligent and straight forward. Please check Mumbai papers for the report – The Week etc. Hearing on the case is July 7th.

6. Some call it a Double Whammy: Some feel that you held a press conference at your just opened designer boutique to reveal the latest development in the mess & garner publicity for this new venture. What you have to say about it?

It’s very foolish to think that I am promoting my store through this FDCI / amendments talk. Does the press buy the clothes? Have they talked about my clothes range and available at this address to the readers? Have I spoken about my design range? It’s my own place where I can call to say my view point. Why should I go else where or only hotel + spend money for the cause? - Anju Modi

'' I stand by whoever is correct. Democracy is everybody's right and if certain members are feeling that some questions need to be addressed, then it is the duty of the secretariat to reply to the queries. This way, there is no ambiguity and will only help further strengthen their faith in FDCI. Either ways, the best way is to hold the bull by its horns.'' – JJ Valaya

I feel that fashion is getting more and more political with coming times. Its sad that us new comers (dosent matter Delhi or Mumbai) have to see such a controversial and ugly face of Indian Fashion. I dont care who is right and who is wrong but I do care of the fashion industry as a whole. Where are we heading? - Anuj Sharma

Well to tell you honestly, since I am 'merely' an accessory designer(and I could'nt say this more sarcasticly) I really don't have a voice here. While people are arguing over the board and its functioning and all that jazz.I am yet to be BESTOWED upon with by the council- the basic fascilities and priveleges that I should be getting as an artist, a member of the council, a growing brand, a business entity.

And this is strange since I belong to an industry that is way bigger than the newly initiated fashion industry. and has been in existence since much before the term fashion even touched our Indian shores the gem and jewellery industry and mind you the Gem and jewellery Industry probably adds a thousand times more to the country's GDP and exports than what the entire fashion garment industry does. So my grievances are totally different! But our day will come.

So good luck to everyone fighting. May the honest side win! and honestly dont even bother printing this..wont serve any purpose will it.- Suhani Pittie

According to me, one needs to get down to the details...I am really not aware how much truth is there in spite of being an industry member for the last 2 yrs, I have never been invited for any meeting yet. people in place who have been the decision makers are surely partial in terms of talented designers or industry unless one makes a personal relationship with the committee. I strongly feel you stand no where which is really not fair being a council they should surely look at credentials. Cheers. - Liza Varma

I have my own take on all this. But like I said, we have never known much to ask questions in the past. Have just been going with the flow. Am glad a lot of things are going to get transparent irrespective of whose favor the matter ends up in. You know we were not given a slot at the last Fashion Week. We got the application some 20 odd days later than everyone else and that too after several reminder calls. Then we were told that our collection was not put to the mark. Though being a part of the council for 4 years we don't even roughly know the selection procedure or criteria! Every year we hear a new story. So this year we decided not even to take a booth. What's the point? If someone just off the boat gets a slot and we don't after religious participation at all the Weeks, it totally pointless. And who is this that can judge whether the garment or collection is upto mark or not? All my own 4 stores and the 16 stores I stock at do phenomenal business and I have never had complains on finishing or fitting. I don't mean to compare myself with other designers but honestly, I felt a few collections were quite shoddy. But then who am I to also judge a fellow designers creativity and am sure there is enough business for everyone. But really, always felt its all too grouped up and political. There is absolutely no clarity on why certain things are the way they are. So hopefully all this mess will end up in a clear picture for everyone. – Chintan Shah

yeah i guess so. everyone has there own say ,well there is a politically unjust and not so sweet communication that keeps yopu going, well it might be not for everyone and just by invite event , but fashion people should know who are the right designers , who are the right media industry people and whom to choose rightfully as directors on board, as directors & other respective posts , well there is a bit or may be more of unrealistic approach to it,may be the partial behaviour and technique involved. or just a story for publicity to get the cream settled. there are many designers with good work never getting highlighted and all the top notch brands doing the same fashion show every year whether in Delhi or Mumbai or internationally, there sure is a give and take attitude n behaviourism settled as the creame on the top of FDCI as well. and amongst the jury members, etc. well guess its the branded names and the brande3d designers who have all da say in the fashion circle, irrespective of there sexual preferences and irrespective of there work that might not be commendable at all and may be the same for all the rest of the years and wrongly mixed n matched whether for A/W or S/S season, there is surely a distressfull sight platformed.

Exactly. i mean some of these guys don't even have a Fashion education. But its all very grim the way they have been doing it so far. I heard stories about there being foul play after last year's controversy about Kangana Ranaut.

You are so right about the shows being repetetive. Its sad. The whole thing is so biased towards the brands. Also the new designers are the ones that suck up to them. i have seen them at parties. Somewhat stupid and silly. Like no one cares about the business of fashion and all about the glam only. I had thought of writing a letter to Mrs. Jha about all this but then decided against it as you never know who is in arms with whom. And everything is so favored to a select group of "friends" that its just not worth the risk.

Don't wanna get into anyone's bad books. Will continue applying everywhere like a no body and wait patiently. - Chintan Shah

This is an internal matter of FDCI and is being resolved amicably. – Paras Bairoliya (Geisha Designs)

In conversation with Vinod Kaul on the FDCI working.

What we hear about the recent goings on at the FDCI and the deep schism between two groups of designers are very disturbing. It has the potenital of permanently maiming the FDCI and thereby retarding the fashion movement. Without naming anyone, it is quite clear that individuals are working within very narrow and parochial interests. Senior personalities who should have been sorting out the mess are either aloof or have been foisted by a coterie and so lack credibility. The only way out is for the players to adhere to a higher calling, FDCI's activities made completely transparant and to hand over the reins to those who have the confidence of all. Otherwise I am very pessimistic of the future. – Vinod Kaul

FDCI's periodic auditing on its accounts & presenting the board with comparatives of costs :
There normally is an audit, a presentation as well as a comparison. However, this is only the beginning and no guarantee that all is in shape. The Board Member or for that matter any member is free to question. It is the job of the ED to answer any and all queries to the full satisfaction of the person. It is important to be completely transparant in this and make the information available as frequently as it is requested.

About the top FDCI official being corrupt & embezzling FDCI funds: If any charges are levelled, they should be fully investigated.

FDCI being a non-profit institution, seem to have gaining in personal funds, What you have to comment on that:
FDCI is a non-profit body. However, there is nothing wrong or illegal in accumulating funds for projects or to build up a corpus. In fact, FDCI needs to find new ways of raising funds as it is almost entirely dependent on moneys it raises through sponsorship of India Fashion Week.

There is a complaint from lot of Designers that FDCI websites are never updated, half of the members profile details missing, all mix and match up of the member categories.there is also a complaint of FDCI Pr's sad work? There is no email interaction, phone calls, any communication made about any of the detail minutes of the selection procedure, budget, fashion weeks, meetings, auditions & other details amongst the members of FDCI? There is no feedback from them at no time? what you have to comment on that.

Certainly there is a great need for the FDCI to improve its performance beyond India Fashion Week. However, designer members are also no model of civility, efficiency or cooperation. It is definitely difficult dealing with designers - Vinod Kaul.

Gaurav Kapoor,Publicist,Editor,CEO
Studio Varuag
TFW - The Fashion WeekEND, Publicist & PR,EDM Magazine Publication/Tabloid

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