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Matali Crasset - Milano 2010

Milano 2010 : matali crasset for Pallucco : Foglie
Milan International Furniture Fair 2010 preview

Pallucco will launch at the Salone del Mobile a new lamp collection “Foglie” designed by matali crasset.

The natural elegance of the branches of a tree provides the inspiration for the new family of lights called Foglie (“leaves” in English).

Available into three different versions: in the floor version, the stem of the light becomes the tree trunk and the branches are transformed into unusual minimal leaf-like appendages. In the wall light the branches are grafted onto the walls while the ceiling light has leaves hanging down, creating light and shade effects on the walls and surfaces below.

The inspiration for the Foglie design is a fractal: a geometrical shape which is repeated throughout its structure in different sizes. It reflects the principle of nature which determines growth: from simplicity to complexity


Milano 2010 : Matali Crasset for Moustache
14-19 April 2010, 10 am – 9 pm
Press preview : tuesday April, 13, 3 pm – 8 pm

For the second collection of Moustache I strived to consider objects matching and protracting the instant chair and table. I’m set on developing with Moustache a series of objects both ingenious and complementary. They contradict existing codes offering free choices to accessorize, conserving an assertive personality, but nevertheless creating a family.

The “Instant” family range is developing with an integrated right or left-sided elbow-rest creating a small bench with two, three … parts.

The elbow-rest is perfectly shaped for placing a glass or a book.
This version is available in wood or covered with natural Pyrenees sheep skin.
Once upon a time ….
there was a coffee table which aspired to being alive:

It’s a 3-legged round table, composed of a central chest cleverly hidden by a removable tray. Each of the 3 legs is topped with a tray of varied size and height.

The trays revolving around the center unfurl in space, outfitting this small console with amazing flaccidity and resembling extended hands inviting you to gather around.

The trays can be folded away to save space.

…an interactive and natural coffee table completely opposed to the typically canonical appearance of living-rooms … it offers bygone times a durable forward-looking presentation.

… a table used for modern needs, becoming a plastron for all electronic devices requiring plugs. Adopting an electrical connector role, a power-strip is concealed for charging all sorts of different apparatus – family computers, games, cellular phones … – any items which could momentarily be placed on the various trays.

An entire birch plywood plastron for storing technology of new household rituals.

The table’s compactness gives numerous possibilities for placing it in the home – as a coffee table in the living-room for placing a newspaper or a drink, in the bed-room as a night table … in a hallway to recharge cell phones or a perfect place to empty your pockets.

The table exists in 2 versions: in silver birch and natural whitened birch.

The trays boast leather or metal tinted patches.


Milano 2010 : matali crasset for galleria Luisa delle Piane : Volte-face

14 – 19 April 2010
Vernissage Thursday 15 April 2010 : 6:00pm – 10:30pm

Concurrently with the Milan Furniture Show (Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010) the Luisa delle Piane galleria presents a project by matali crasset entitled Vole-face (French for “About-face”).

This project is part of matali’s research on functionality. Faithful to a strict style, matali shows figuratively and literally that when “you drop the mask”, true purpose finally appears. Volte-face thus presents the coexistence of two identities for the same object; by turning it around (in French, faire volte face), you switch from one state to the other, from one function to another.

This duality represents two central and complementary aspects of design objects:

- symbolic: the convex shape, like a mask hung on a kitchen wall, is turned to the outside and represents an invitation to the supernatural. It reveals what may be hidden.

- domestic: turned to the concave side, the shape becomes suitable for everyday use. Physical rather than metaphysical, it is now a container that may hold anything. It may become an offerings cup or an object for “face to face” exchanges. The shape of the object is determined by the use given to it.

The Volte-face exhibit consists of four objects in duplicate: four masks/implements presented simultaneously on the walls and on a large kitchen table.

A series of photographs by C├ęcil Mathieu accompanies this project, depicting matali’s pieces in scenes inspired by Samurai armor.

Galleria Luisa Delle Piane Via Giuseppe Giusti, 24 20154 Milano – Italy


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